Why you should download Tinder App

Why you should download Tinder App

The app that makes being single no longer an option. Though society’s integration to social media has been met with a lot of criticism its hard ignore that the same means can also be used to bring people together. One of the apps that tries to bring this about is tinder.

Why tinder?

  • It’s an easy way for shy people to meet and also a way to meet people without fear of rejection. With Tinder the first meeting happens online if a person doesn’t like you they simply swipe left without any interaction. If they like they swipe right no awkward moments in the process.
  • The connection to Facebook is plus tinder has over other dating apps. You can see who they share mutual Facebook friends with. It creates a platform where it’s easy to break the ice in an event of a match.
  • It is possible to unmatch and report people who feel are being inappropriate.
  • It gives location of the people you match with making it easy to find people within your locality.

Risks you might experience

  • The use of a photo based system can be quite risky. Many people tend to post photos that are not genuine under ghost accounts posing as real people and disappointing their matches on the agreed date.
  • The Facebook connection unfortunately to use tinder a Facebook account is compulsory. In an event where a hopeful user lacks a Facebook account they will have to register for one or forgo the app.

At the end of the day tinder is the new way to get your groove on, it’s a matter that goes without say.

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