Tinder became overused during the Olympic Games in Rio

Tinder became overused during the Olympic Games in Rio

Messaging apps are the perfect place for spending free time as well as for connecting with the new people around the world. No matter of situation, messaging apps are always welcomed and users express great interests for them.

The same situation happened in the beginning of the Olympic games when thousands of athletes gathered in Rio to compete in various disciplines. All of them were situated in the Olympic village where they didn‘t have many opportunities for fulfilling free time. In that way, messaging apps were the best way of amusement and interaction with their colleagues from the other countries.

In this atmosphere of anticipation and uncertainty, many of them reached for Tinder messaging app. This app is popular as dating place for millions of users around the globe and it is not strange why athletes spend free time on it. If you were in a position to look at Tinder in the first days after the opening ceremony, you were also able to see that the most of them were active on the Tinder app.  The reasons for this activity was boredom as well as searching the way of amusement.

The athletes in Rio obviously didn‘t know how to spend the time between the matches and found the Tinder as an alternative solution. Moreover, this obsession with social networks came after Summer Olympic games in London in 2012 and Winter Olympic games in Sochi 2014. While in London 2012, athletes have strict rules about hanging out on the mobile devices, in Sochi the situation was pretty different. The Russian officials decided to loosen the rules in case of interaction between athletes and now Rio continues the same practice. However, there are some countries which decide to deprive their athletes of the social messaging apps as they believe that it can be useful for the performance of competitors.

Taking a look at the Olympic village in Rio we can see that more than 10,000 athletes share the same place as living ground during the competition. In this secluded place, nothing could be interesting for athletes except several shopping malls nearby and some rising towers. The case of Tinder popularity was not the only example of popular messaging apps in the Olympic period. On the contrary, many developers have observed a slight increase in the number of users. It seems that app providers could profit from any important gathering  happening at the global level.

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