The Most Recent Move by Tinder Could Help Save Lives

The Most Recent Move by Tinder Could Help Save Lives

Recent news revealed that users of Tinder in the United Kingdome might be amazed to come across some celebrities who are up for matching such as veracity TV luminary Jamie Laing, Jade Jones MBE or Gemma Oaten, for a period of two weeks.

It is obvious that these celebrities only have one thing at the back of their mind when users match with them. Users get a strong memento concerning the necessity for organ donor registrants in the area, as a replacement for a hot date. This is not for a love, but an attempt to save lives with the hope that you too will want to make a donor connection.

Young people & Tinder

No wonder Tinder and the National Health Service in the United Kingdom joined hands together to get more young people to register as organ donors. Until you look at the numbers, this match between NHS and the Tinder dating app looks strange.

This recent move by Tinder to save lives is part of the plan to get more people in the age bracket of 18 and 35 to register as organ donors. It is noteworthy that an average Tinder user expend I hour and 30 minutes each day to help in racking up about 1.4 billion daily swipes across the world.

Persuading users to take part of their time to be part of the donor registry is just just ideal in the real sense. This partnership on the other hand is one of the most recent moves in NHS push to tackle the shortage of organ donor in the UK.

In order to highlight the total number of people that died while waiting for organ transplant, NHS Blood and Transplant established The Wait campaign. This move was as a result of a number of sobering statistics.

More than 6,000 people died in the cause of waiting for an organ match. NHS anticipates that about 7,000 people who are now on the waitlist of U.K.’s organ transplant can avoid the same fate.

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