Tinder is removing the border between physical and digital dating


Tinder is removing the border between physical and digital dating

According to the recent statement of the CEO of Match, Tinder’s parent company, Greg Blatt, Tinder is soon getting some new features that will make the line between digital dating through Tinder and actual physical dating disappear a little more

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Why Tinder is One of the Top Downloaded Apps in the UK


People enjoy to use messaging apps and to stay in contact with friends or breaking news. Messages help them to feel more informed not only about daily news but also about others. At the same time, a lot of providers

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Tinder App Updates 2016


With Tinder iOS Update; you can Now Send GIFs, Like Messages and More! Tinder iOS app recently received a new update giving it many new features. The GIF button located next to the text input box can be used to

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Any Swipe with Tinder App can change your Life


Tinder app is capable of building a user profile with photos that have already been uploaded, using Facebook. Essential information is collected and the social graph of users is analyzed. Based on number of mutual friends, geographical location and common

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Features of Tinder App


Tinder App is a location-based social discovery that enhances communication between mutually interested users. It is the fastest and easiest way to find new and interesting people and it is among the first applications available on Android Wear. Tinder is

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Why you should download Tinder App


The app that makes being single no longer an option. Though society’s integration to social media has been met with a lot of criticism its hard ignore that the same means can also be used to bring people together. One of

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