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Tinder is removing the border between physical and digital dating

According to the recent statement of the CEO of Match, Tinder’s parent company, Greg Blatt, Tinder is soon getting some new features that will make the line between digital dating through Tinder and actual physical dating disappear a little more

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Tinder became overused during the Olympic Games in Rio


Messaging apps are the perfect place for spending free time as well as for connecting with the new people around the world. No matter of situation, messaging apps are always welcomed and users express great interests for them. (3 raters,

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Why Tinder is One of the Top Downloaded Apps in the UK


People enjoy to use messaging apps and to stay in contact with friends or breaking news. Messages help them to feel more informed not only about daily news but also about others. At the same time, a lot of providers

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Enjoy Samsung Galaxy Note 5 with your Tinder App


In case the premium price of the device won’t scare you, Samsung Galaxy Note 5 stands as the best phone for business and work which is currently offered in the market. This gadget sports a roomy display of 5.7-inch, lazing-fast

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Tinder App Updates 2016


With Tinder iOS Update; you can Now Send GIFs, Like Messages and More! Tinder iOS app recently received a new update giving it many new features. The GIF button located next to the text input box can be used to

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The Most Recent Move by Tinder Could Help Save Lives


Recent news revealed that users of Tinder in the United Kingdome might be amazed to come across some celebrities who are up for matching such as veracity TV luminary Jamie Laing, Jade Jones MBE or Gemma Oaten, for a period

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