Enjoy Samsung Galaxy Note 5 with your Tinder App

Enjoy Samsung Galaxy Note 5 with your Tinder App

In case the premium price of the device won’t scare you, Samsung Galaxy Note 5 stands as the best phone for business and work which is currently offered in the market. This gadget sports a roomy display of 5.7-inch, lazing-fast multitasking capabilities, and long battery life. With the Samsung’s Trademark S Pen stylus, the device stands out to make your even more dynamic.

The following are some of its notable features:

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Design

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is a remarkable smartphone, although it is wise to understand that Samsung has removed some functionalities that are in the last year’s model to make it sleek. The device has got a sealed back. Considering that the device offers a battery life that is excellent, most users will not miss the removable battery. The metal frame of the phone makes it sturdy despite the fact that the new glass back seems so fragile. The device is lighter at 6 ounces. Galaxy Note 5 comes in gold, white, and sapphire black colors.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Display

Galaxy Note 5 has a huge screen display of 5.7-inch. This gives you a roomy display to work on. It has got a resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels. This offers you with more vibrant and richer colors when working on the device.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Stylus Support

The Galaxy Note 5’s signature feature is the S Pen stylus. This turns your smartphone to a digital notepad. Despite the fact that it is very easy to purchase a simple capacitive stylus that can function with any smartphone, the Galaxy Note line still stand out as the only devices that incorporate stylus that is digitized with pressure sensitivity.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Multitasking

Galaxy Note 5 features a multiwindow support. Therefore, you can perfectly view two apps within the same screen by the help of split-screen view. This feature is conspicuously absent in other devices. It is also very easy to launch apps side-by-side. Galaxy Note 5 allows you to multitask on your desktop PC while keeping up with messages and alerts on the phone. This is by installing Samsung’s SideSync app on both the two devices.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Performance

The Galaxy Note 5 is remarkably fast. In past tests, the device just outperformed other challengers. Apps will open and close within a blink of an eye. As you flip between various social media apps, spreadsheet editor, and Web browser you will feel multitasking really snappy. Samsung’s Octa-core Exynos processor and the 4GB RAM provides it with this speed.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Battery Life

The battery life of Galaxy Note 5 is long. Given the fact that it is removable, you won’t be able to replace it. But with such a nice battery, is there any need? Well, No! With a continuous Wi-Fi and Web browsing the battery ran for 9 hours and 35 minutes during the battery test. This is nearly an over longer than the predecessor.

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